Friday, July 27, 2007


Here is a nice write up of a concert from a few months ago that we had hoped that Jim would be able to attend, of course:

Changes - Northampton MA

We had first had the pleasure of meeting Nick and Robert during what I would describe as "the craziest experience I ever had with Jim - Chicago 2003," the full story of which may emerge at a later time.

Here is a little soundbite of the dedication.

Cheers all, -je

Friday, July 20, 2007

Hey Jim - is it too early to start drinking?

That was one of our favorite little games - I'd come up with various "excuses" to crack a beer or what have you and then consult. Hey Jim - it's 4pm, but it's dark and wintry out - is it too early to start drinking? Or, we're in the "double-digits" of time (i.e., 10am counts) - is it too early to start drinking?

Hey Jim - it's after noon and I miss you a whole lot - is it too early to start drinking?

The answer was always a rousing "Heck no!"

Cheers all. -je

Sunday, July 8, 2007

My Jim was someone that will leave a place that is unable to be fulfilled and never going to be a lack of memories. Such quotes as "I'd be a Luddite if i didn't love movies so much" bring laughter to my heart and tears to my eyes.
I don't know what I feel more, loneliness or mourning. Jim's death is something those who love him will never get over, but have to get through for Jim and who he was.
In my profession I tell people to talk to those they have lost, and maybe something will happen that will let you know that they are there around you. A song you hear, a movie on TV or a familiar smell that has no explanation, but just is.

I honor Jim in the only way I know how. I honor his wishes and do not treat his memory in vain. He was a man among men and will always be loved by those who truly knew him. I am happy that i know I am one of those people.

May you rest my Grecian prince and may nothing disturb your sleep. M