Friday, July 20, 2007

Hey Jim - is it too early to start drinking?

That was one of our favorite little games - I'd come up with various "excuses" to crack a beer or what have you and then consult. Hey Jim - it's 4pm, but it's dark and wintry out - is it too early to start drinking? Or, we're in the "double-digits" of time (i.e., 10am counts) - is it too early to start drinking?

Hey Jim - it's after noon and I miss you a whole lot - is it too early to start drinking?

The answer was always a rousing "Heck no!"

Cheers all. -je


julio said...

Jim used to tell me about this. We would do the same thing, but we usually didn't start playing until like 5. Bc/ of work, the answer was usually "Uhhh I think we need to wait." But we were def ready to start just about anytime. ;)

Jane Elizabeth said...

LOL thanks Julian - I didn't want to implicate you directly in having indulged in a little "daytime drinking" yourselves, but the concept was very encouraging at the time. I maintain that daytime is completely relative!

julio said...

So it's not too early now, right? 5:48pm? There's a bottle of scotch in the kitchen beckoning me thither.