Saturday, June 30, 2007

The faces of Jim...

What a great story, Meg — and you're tot right about the look. That's a very special picture.

I have this picture hanging above one of my computers... It's a double exposure of him when Anita and I got him a lamb cake for his birthday a couple of years ago.

One exposure is his ferocious looking i'm-gonna-devour-this face, the other is his ever-so-grateful-and-appreciative face. Here it is.

(That's a chocolate-dipped cigarette hanging out of the lamb's mouth. It came with the cake. It was funny at the time.)


mega74 said...

I totally heard all about that lamb cake in great detail. A classic, no doubt.

Jane Elizabeth said...

I too heard the myth of the lamby cake - this photo is beautiful proof!

Speaking of lambys, I would like to say that I although I am a vegetarian, admittedly non-strict, I did have the pleasure of partaking of what I think was some lamb moussaka Jim made and brought all the way to my house. He knew it would take a little convincing, but that I would love it, and it was absoultely heavenly.

I am happy to have shared some good meals with Jim.